Companies of every size enhance their business productivity by mitigating the gap between their target customers and business. With its vast suite of products, Salesforce is transforming organizations today by streamlining various crucial business processes. However, after using the platform for a certain period of time and generating a massive volume of data, customers often face a common challenge of efficient data management.


Data plays a critical role in any business’s success today. Every business wants to retain data either to use it in order to get crucial insights that will help them in serving their customers better or to meet audit & compliance demands. Salesforce data management has its own challenges, but limited storage and high additional storage costs are the topmost challenges. Optimizing the data storage and to prevent themselves from paying high storage costs, enterprises often look for an efficient data management approach for their Salesforce Org.


To meet data management objectives, Salesforce enterprise customers often look for alternative solutions that can help them retain their data at a lower cost. DataConnectiva is such a solution that is helping Salesforce enterprise users manage massive datasets by keeping them in their preferred external storage systems with a seamless archiving process.


How does this work?

DataConnectiva integrates your Salesforce CRM with any external storage platforms such as AWS, Google, Azure, Heroku, and databases like Postgres, Redshift, Oracle, MySQL, etc to enable an automated historical data archiving process. Once installed and configured, DataConnectiva takes care of the data in the backend so that you will never run out of your storage limits. The solution also takes care of the complex data relationship and data integrity in order to ensure you get the best data management experience.



Let’s have a quick look at some of the best DataConnectiva features.


Analytics: Use analytics to get actionable insights

Auto Scheduler: Schedule the archiving job on an hourly, daily, or weekly basis

Archiving Policy: Set custom archiving policy

Encryption at Rest: Supports archived data encryption

Restore: One-click archived records restore

Complex Data Relationships: Takes care of complex data relationships of any level without losing data & integrity

Auto Metadata Sync: Takes care of synchronizing schema changes e.g addition/removal of fields & data types


Why use DataConnectiva?

  • To reduce your Salesforce data storage costs by over 85%
  • To improve the overall CRM performance
  • To retain data for compliance & governance
  • To run analytics on your data
  • To access all your CRM data seamlessly


DataConnectiva can be implemented in various industries including BFSI, Healthcare, Government, Manufacturing, Education, Hi-Tech, E-commerce, Non-profit, etc. If you are looking to implement an efficient data management strategy for your Salesforce system to optimize storage & save costs, get in touch with us.