DataConnectiva for Salesforce Data Archive

Leverage external platforms to manage data archival in Salesforce in order to optimize storage, performance & compliance

The average Salesforce storage cost of an enterprise without a proper storage management strategy is 85% more. What would it cost your company? What would unmanaged Salesforce data growth, degraded performance & poor compliance strategy mean for your business? DataConnectiva helps you simplify, automate and streamline your Salesforce data archiving process with easy external storage platform integration.


  • Historical & compliance data archive using any external platforms
  • Platform Support – AWS, Azure, Heroku, Google Cloud, etc.
  • Database Support – Postgres, Redshift, Oracle, MySQL, etc.
  • Archiving Options: Schedule, Manual, Process Builder, Setup Retention Policy


  • Additional data protection via Encryption
  • Restore archived data back to production org whenever required from the record
  • Archived data goes to external storage, however, can be viewed within Salesforce records
  • All data hierarchy & relationships intact


  • Long-term data retention to boost Salesforce regulatory data compliance
  • Meet internal & external data retention policies
  • GDPR compliant with zero external data exposure
  • 100% data accessibility round the clock

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