Do you want to leverage your own Azure cloud platform to archive legacy Salesforce data to an external database of your choice? Using DataConnectiva, you can easily do so & archive the redundant data from Salesforce into Azure, by simply storing it in external databases like Postgres, Redshift, MySQL, MSSQL & Oracle. Our next-gen Salesforce data management platform facilitates seamless data migration from Salesforce to Azure without using any additional integration tool to connect both the systems. 

Using the Azure platform for Salesforce data archival not only helps you efficiently address the Salesforce data storage limitations, but it also helps you extract the best from both the cloud platforms with a future-proof data system & complete ownership of all your business data. With an easy & fast setup process to connect both the systems, DataConnectiva enables you to achieve results beyond simple data archiving.

Drive Resiliency with a Future-ready Data Archiving Strategy

  • Optimized data storage in Salesforce
  • No more additional storage costs to pay
  • Improved Salesforce app performance
  • Easy long-term data retention for regulatory compliance
  • Better user-experience
  • Complete control over your data
  • Customer 360

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Why DataConnectiva for Salesforce Archiving using AZURE?

10X+ ROI (Return-On-Investment )

10X Improved Performance

5X Faster Deployment

Easy & Fast Installation & Setup

Top-notch Product Support

DataConnectiva's Best-in-class Product Capabilities

Manage Archiving

Auto, Filter-based, On-demand, API-based Archiving

Initial Data Offloading

Large volume data migration to Azure


Encrypt the archived data in Azure

Data Integrity

Complex object relationships & data integrity will be preserved

View & Access

View & Access the archived data within Salesforce

Global Search

Search the archived data without any hassle


Bring BI tools to generate powerful reports

Michael Barnes
DataConnectiva meets our business needs

We reviewed several apps before landing on DataArchiva / DataConnectiva. The DataConnectiva app allows us to store our legacy Salesforce data in an Azure server, which met the requirements of our internal security department… The Ceptes team was super communicative and responsive, meeting frequently until all of the nominal issues were resolved, and I had enough information to troubleshoot nominal recurring issues on my own. The DataConnectiva tool is doing its job to keep our org data light and below the limits imposed by Salesforce.

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