salesforce data archive best practices

In a business environment more connected than ever, data continues to grow unabated at a tremendous rate. Possessing unprecedented growth rates of 60% or more, unstructured data can wreak havoc on the storage systems and overall system performance. This data can range from anywhere between office documents, videos, audio files, images to training pdfs. Intelligently storing this data for a long time is critical not only for business intelligence, analysis, and data mining purposes but for compliance and organizational history as well. 

Many enterprises using Salesforce eventually run into various data storage limitations due to which they are left with no other alternative rather than purchasing additional Salesforce data storage space. This might not always be economically viable for them and may cause other financial problems. But being Salesforce users, they always have the option to archive the data which can then be used in the future to meet compliance and audit demands as well as run data analytics.