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Better Manage your Salesforce Storage with Enterprise Data Archiving

Are you looking for a Salesforce archiver that can transform your data management experience? Your quest ends here. Have a look at the best Salesforce data archiving solution, DataConnectiva & find out how it can help you meet complex archiving needs.

  • Manage Archiving – Auto, manual, policy-driven
  • Choose your Platform (AWS, Heroku, Azure, Google) & Database (Postgres, Redshift, Oracle, MySQL)
  • 100% Accessibility – View archived data within Salesforce
  • Easy Restore – Restore archived data with a single click
  • Security – Archived data encryption
  • Integrity – Complex data relationships & data integrity
  • Storage Management – 85-90% cost savings with improved app performance
  • Compliance – Complete data retention to meet regulatory compliance & internal data policies

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Find out how to


  • Install & set up DataConnectiva¬†
  • Integrate external platform & configure the database
  • Archive data automatically, manually, using Process Builder, or by setting up retention policies
  • Encrypt, access, view, restore, & maintain data integrity
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