Looking for a Backup Solution for Salesforce? Introducing DataBakup

In today’s generation, enterprises looking for an efficient long-term data management strategy to combat the challenges associated with their data either opt for an archiving solution or a backup application. We first invested our efforts in creating an archiving solution and launched ‘DataArchiva’ with the sole aim to reduce Salesforce data storage costs. Archiving the data into Big Objects, DataArchiva offers an enterprise-level data archiving experience to Salesforce customers. 

But we didn’t stop even after enterprises realized the value DataArchiva added to their business and came up with yet another data archiving solution, ‘DataConnectiva’. DataConnectiva took the capabilities of DataArchiva to another level and offered an option to seamlessly archive the Salesforce data and store it securely in the preferred external storage system of their choice. This solution supports multiple external platforms such as Amazon, Azure, Google, etc and storage systems like Postgres, Redshift, MySQL, etc. 

After achieving significant milestones and making our presence felt in several industries, we asked ourselves ‘How can we take our customer experience to the next level’? This is when we decided to explore the data backup territory and designed the ‘DataBakup’ application for our customers. DataBakup is a simple data backup and recovery solution which is custom-designed to support different Salesforce services like Sales Cloud, Service Cloud, and other custom-made Salesforce solutions. 

With DataBakup’s full and incremental backup services, Salesforce customers can get rid of their fears associated with losing critical business data whether due to application failure or any human error. The application not only safeguards the data but also ensures its security within the cloud infrastructure. This highly scalable and cost effective solution also allows users to perform backups both periodically and on-demand. A seamless restoration feature is also available in this easy-to-use long-term data management strategy.  

Now when both DataArchiva and DataConnectiva have already made a name for themselves in the market, we believe the Salesforce users will welcome DataBakup with open arms. We guarantee them the same level of trust and efficiency while backing up their important data to external storage systems. To know more about the application, contact us today.