We have been talking a lot about DataConnectiva, the extended version of DataArchiva, and how it is helping Salesforce enterprise customers optimize their data storage for storage cost savings. In our recent webinar, we spoke about DataConnectiva and showed you how the solution is using various external storage systems & databases to archive Salesforce data (Watch the webinar recording here). In this blog, we are going to have a comparative analysis between DataConnectiva and Heroku Connect.

Before discussing the differences, let’s have a quick glance at what they actually are.

Heroku Connect

Heroku Connect helps you synchronize data between your Salesforce Org and Heroku Postgres database. Using Heroku Connect along with Heroku Postgres, Salesforce enterprise customers can build applications that can interact with their Salesforce data using their preferred tools including various frameworks and languages supported by Heroku.


DataConnectiva is an external archiving solution for Salesforce, which helps Salesforce enterprise customers archive their Salesforce historical data to any external Cloud/Non-Cloud storage system (Amazon, Google, Azure, Heroku) & databases (Postgres, Redshift, MySQL, Oracle, MS SQL, etc.).

A Comparative Analysis

DataConnectiva Heroku Connect
1 Purely for Salesforce data archiving purposes. Specifically for data integration as a service i.e data replication & synchronization.
2 Integrate & archive data seamlessly in a few clicks. Archiving is not a standard feature. It can be implemented, however, a large amount of effort is required for this as WebServices has to be built on the platform. Which is like building a similar module as DataConnectiva & it is challenging.
3 Data storage reducer – Reduces 85%+ storage costs as well. Not a data storage reducer by default as it duplicates the data in both the platforms Heroku & Salesforce.
4 Intelligent processing to handle archived data. Can’t be an alternative to DataConnectiva as Heroku Connect is not built for Salesforce data archiving. Heroku Connect is known for CRM Multi-Org Consolidation, Business Intelligence, etc.

If you are looking to optimize your Salesforce data storage to prevent paying high additional storage costs, retaining data for a long time to boost governance, and maintaining high CRM performance, archiving the unused data could be a strategic move. In this case, DataConnectiva is the solution that you need in order to implement a seamless archiving process and save over 85% storage costs by using multiple external storage systems & databases. To know more, please get in touch.