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Storage Support

Seamless support for multiple external storage platforms & databases

Auto Archiving

Schedule the archiving job on an hourly, daily, or weekly basis


Supports archived data encryption to boost data security


On-demand restore of the archived data with a single click

Why Choose DataConnectiva?

With seamless support for multiple external Cloud & On-premise storage systems, DataConnectiva effortlessly archives all the Salesforce historical data & saves over 85% storage costs, improves the CRM performance & boosts compliance.

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Leading US University Successfully Optimized their Salesforce Data Storage with DataConnectiva

A leading educational institute in the US was using Salesforce extensively. They were dealing with a massive volume of data and a majority of their data volume was Field History Data, which they wanted to archive. Implementing DataConnectiva, they seamlessly archived all their historical data into their already-available AWS Postgres database. This reduced the additional data storage costs and maintained top-grade CRM performance as well.

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Storage Cost Savings


Improved Performance


Platform Support


Database Support

Looking for Native Level Archiving?

Archive all your Salesforce legacy data at a native level to Big Objects using DataArchiva without losing integrity and ensuring seamless accessibility.

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DataConnectiva currently supports various cloud database service platform providers like Amazon, Google, Azure, Heroku, which includes various databases like Postgre, Redshift, MySQL, Oracle & MSSQL.
Please get in touch if you don’t see your preferred external database listed here.

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