Companies manage millions of records in their Salesforce application that includes Sales Cloud, Service Cloud, Platform, Financial Cloud, Health Cloud, etc. A long-term data management strategy is required to manage their entire data life-cycle and keep the Org performing. Archiving the unused data from the Salesforce app & keeping it securely in any external database is one of the best strategies that the industry leaders have adopted.

Salesforce users can integrate the Heroku platform with their Salesforce CRM in order to initiate an archival process to their preferred external database. With DataConnectiva, the archival will not only support multiple external databases such as Postgres, Redshift, MySQL, Oracle, MS SQL, the user can seamlessly keep 100% accessibility without losing any data integrity.

Salesforce+Heroku Integration for Data Archive

  • Long-term data management strategy
  • Optimized native data storage
  • Reduced data storage costs by over 85%
  • Own your database – Postgres, Redshift, Oracle, MySQL
  • Improved the native app performance
  • 100% data retention for compliance & audit
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Product Highlights

Auto Scheduler

Global Search

Easy Set-up

Custom Archiving Policy

On-demand Restore

Data Accessibility


Out-of-the-box Analytics

Case Study

A technology service provider unleashed a strategic approach for better Salesforce data management using external archiving
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