Data Archive, Long-term Retention & Storage Cost Savings

For enterprises from the healthcare and pharmacy industry, data is their single source of truth which requires precise management in order to be useful. When used strategically, the right kind of data can help healthcare enterprises extract a complete view of their customers, thereby serving them with customized solutions.

The global healthcare enterprises, using the Salesforce application for their customer management, often deal with a massive volume of datasets. These lead to several challenges regarding the unprecedented data growth which ultimately strains the limited data storage allocated by Salesforce. Implementing a long-term data management solution, driven by enterprise-grade data archival, is the ideal way to manage and retain data for a long time in order to meet stringent compliance, audit & internal policies.

Archiving the rarely-used historical data using DataConnectiva can help healthcare organizations address their concerns related to Salesforce data storage and help in reducing the storage costs, optimizing the system performance, and retaining data for a longer time. DataConnectiva helps healthcare enterprises using the Salesforce application (Sales Cloud, Service Cloud, Financial Cloud, Platform, etc.) archive their Salesforce data to any external database.

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Why DataConnectiva?

Choose your Own External Database

90%+ Storage Cost Savings

Meet Compliance & Regulatory Demands

100% Data Accessibility within Salesforce

2X Improved App Performance

DataConnectiva for Healthcare Data Archival

Auto Scheduler

Schedule your data archiving job hourly, weekly, monthly, or quarterly

Archiving Policy

Set your custom archiving policy depending on your data & business requirements

Data Integrity

View your archived data right from your Salesforce system

Complex Object Relationships

Takes care of your complex object relationships of any level


Restore all your archived records with one click


Supports archived data encryption

Archived Data Search

Records can be searched easily using Salesforce global search


Any analytics can be used on the archived data to get actionable insights

Srinivas Poruri
Impressive product, very well-architected

An impressive product – it exceeded our requirements for an archiving solution. It is well-architected, with multiple archiving options – within Salesforce & external to Salesforce, with considerable flexibility on archival criteria & automation capabilities.

Salesforce Data Archive to Postgres using the AWS platform
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