Popular Features

Make your data archiving experience on Salesforce seamless & fast with

DataConnectiva’s most popular features

Schedule the archiving job using the auto-scheduler feature. Set the archiving process on an hourly, daily, weekly, quarterly, or monthly basis.

Offload all the existing unused data from Salesforce to your choice of an external database at a lightning speed. (1 million records can be archived within 100 minutes).

Archive your data by preserving complex object relationships & any level of data hierarchy. You can be assured of your data integrity.

Protect your archived data with an additional layer of security using the encryption feature. It uses the highest standard of encryption technology and also supports a key rotation policy.

Own your archiving job as the platform supports different types of archiving including filter-based archiving, API-based archiving, On-demand archiving.

Advanced Features

The advanced features of DataConnectiva enable you to meet your data management

goals on Salesforce in the most efficient way

Compliance Management

Set your own retention period to automate the regulatory compliance (CCPA, FedRAMP, FDA, HIPAA, etc.) process on Salesforce.

No Additional
Integration Tool

Archive data from Salesforce to the external database leveraging cloud/on-premise platform without using any additional integration tool.

Supports Multiple Solutions

Supports 3rd-party AppExchange solutions, Salesforce Cloud, Custom apps built on the force.com platform, Chatter, etc.

Possibilities Beyond Archiving

Do more than archiving & go beyond it with DataConnectiva’s extended capabilities. Get

the maximized ROI from your archiving setup.

Advanced Reporting

Bring all your data together from multiple sources (Salesforce, Archived location, External Apps) & leverage any BI Tool such as Tableau, Power BI, Qlik Q, etc. to generate powerful & highly customized reports.

Global Search

Looking to search any data in the external database which is already archived? With DataConnectiva, experience better archive data search to help you find your data faster.


Want to restore all your archived Salesforce records or even a single record back to the live instance? DataConnectiva’s on-demand restoration feature allows you to restore archived data without any hassle.

Data Availability

24*7 data availability within the Salesforce & 100% control over your data. The solution allows you to keep the archived data on your own external cloud/on-premise platform & view it in the Salesforce UI.

The Future-state of Salesforce Data Archival is Here

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10X Higher Productivity

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