DataConnectiva FAQs


What is DataConnectiva?

DataConnectiva is an External Data Archiving Solution for Salesforce enterprise customers that takes the capabilities of the Native Archiving Solution ‘DataArchiva’ to a whole new level. This Salesforce AppExchange application lets enterprise customers archive their significant data to any compatible external storage system. It also saves over 85% storage costs, improves the CRM performance, and boosts compliance.



What external storage systems are compatible with DataConnectiva?

The current version of DataConnectiva supports multiple external Cloud and On-premise database service platform providers such as Amazon, Google, Azure, and Heroku. It also includes various databases like Postgres, Redshift, MySQL, Oracle, MS SQL, and many more. 


Can large volumes of data be archived at once using DataConnectiva?

Yes, large volumes of organizational data, metadata, and records can be archived at a single time using migration utility, which is a one time activity performed during the initial archival process. Our support team can help you achieve these desired results.


Will using DataConnectiva affect the data integrity in any manner?

No, the data integrity remains intact between the live and archived data, which can be viewed from the parent record in the Salesforce page without having to restore.


Does DataConnectiva support Field History Archive?

Yes. DataConnectiva has a feature called Field Audit Trail (FAT) that helps in archiving the field history data for years. DataConnectiva even supports System Audit Trail (SAT).


How can the archived data be restored when needed?

Whenever the archived data is needed, customers can make use of the restore button present in the application that allows them to restore the archived data in a single click.


Will the archived data be secure?

Yes, proper security is guaranteed to the customers as the archived data is always encrypted using the highest standards of encryption technology while also supporting the key rotation policy.


What is the cost of the DataConnectiva application?

For information about the pricing details of the application please get in touch with our support team or contact us via the contact form.