DataConnectiva FAQs

What is DataConnectiva?
What external storage systems are compatible with DataConnectiva?
With which external storage is DataConnectiva more compatible and offers more features?
Is it possible to archive data in an on-premise (local) storage environment using DataConnectiva?
Can large volumes of data be archived at once using DataConnectiva?
Will using DataConnectiva affect the data integrity in any manner?
Does DataConnectiva support Field History Archive?
How can the archived data be restored when needed?
Will the archived data be secure?
What is the cost of the DataConnectiva application?
Why is the DataArchiva package installation necessary to use DataConnectiva? Why can’t it be just one application?
In context with DataArchiva, does location of the archived data impact the features and functionalities in any manner?
Does DataConnectiva offer a data purging option? If not, is it in the product roadmap?
Since we are archiving data outside of Salesforce, does DataConnectiva lag behind DataArchiva in terms of archiving (data processing) speed? If yes, then please advise us on some stats of archiving speed based on past customer experiences.
Does DataConnectiva offer a reporting option within the application or do we need to opt for a third-party reporting tool? If yes, then please advise us on some best tools available in the market.
Does the data flow through or is managed by any of the external DataConnectiva/third party servers?
Does DataConnectiva also support metadata sync similar to DataArchiva? If yes then, is it auto or manual?
Is it possible to avoid mandatory child objects under the parent record? Is it possible to only archive the parent objects records?
Does DataConnectiva offer an option to edit index fields unlike DataArchiva?
Does DataConnectiva offer the data encryption feature as well?
Does DataConnectiva handle archiving of data when it comes to junction object models?
Does DataConnectiva support archiving of data related to other third-party applications or other AppExchange products like Veeva CRM, OneEMX, etc.?
Do governor limits apply to DataConnectiva as well or there are no limitations on data processing/archiving?