Earn Your Customers Trust by Keeping Salesforce Data Safe & Compliant with Enterprise Archival

In the current market, data is more valuable than currency. He who has the knowledge rules the world. Customer data is forever increasing with excessive usage of technology, and it also means growth for your organization. Still consumers today are skeptical in sharing their data. Giving consumers the assurance that their info is safe can work wonders for any organization. This is where DataConnectiva excels, archiving Salesforce data over the various cloud or On-premise platforms while making it seamlessly easy to access on your Salesforce application. DataConnectiva follows all compliance norms and consumer privacy protocols.

DataConnectiva helps your organization improve the user experience and use the archived data flawlessly. The cost-effectiveness of DataConnectiva coupled with the high ROI due to improved performance of business makes it a go to platform. The security of migrating sensitive data from Salesforce such as PII following GDPR guidelines is ensured in DataConnectiva. The integration of the Salesforce platform with other external cloud platforms like Azure, AWS, Heroku and GCP ensures easy accessibility and freedom from the limitation of Salesforce data storage. The data apart from being accessed can be kept for the time that local compliance laws require them to stay. DataConnectiva not only ensures that the integration is flawless, but it also promises ease of access to the aforesaid data. Be it global search, advanced reporting (Tableau, Power BI), or security, DataConnectiva ensures best of both worlds to its stakeholders.

The data retention laws with stringent data privacy policies such as HIPAA, CCPA and CPRA among others are also covered by DataConnectiva ensuring that the organization can transfer and access data without putting the consumer at risk. DataConnectiva ensures that long term retention policies such as Sarbanes-Oxley are complied to. Apart from that, it ascertains that critical data such as PCI data is securely transmitted to the intended resource be it On-prem or Cloud. The data stored through DataConnectiva has an extra layer of encryption providing extra security to the database. The ease of access is further helped by the support that the program gives helping merge the Salesforce account to multiple cloud servers as well on-prem systems. Initial migration of large volume data (1M records/100 Mins) from Salesforce would further help your organization reduce the cost of data migration.

DataConnectiva focuses on solving two of the major problems faced by the customers of the Salesforce platform, data storage limitations and long-term retention woes in archiving data. Organizations running business cannot run from the legal protocols and local compliances of their business. Meeting these requirements often requires data to be preserved and kept secure as well. The ill effects of this bulk often affect business adversely. The offloading and migration with DataConnectiva coupled with the accessibility not only makes sure that the data is backed up but can be easily recalled upon requirement.

The reservations that the organizations have regarding the high data storage costs on Salesforce does not plague DataConnectiva. Overall, it can boost your ROI and improve efficiency exponentially.

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