About Us

DataConnectiva is an EXTERNAL data archiving solution for Salesforce that lets the Salesforce enterprise customers archive their historical data to any external storage system of their choice. With DataConnectiva, customers can chronicle all their legacy data such as old emails, contacts, cases, leads, and much more automatically, making use of custom archiving policies, and then store it in their preferred external storage system without losing out on the data integrity.

The current version of DataConnectiva supports several Cloud & On-premise database service platform providers like Amazon, Google, Azure, Heroku including various databases such as Postgres, Redshift, MySQL, Oracle, MS SQL, and more.

Why DataConnectiva?

85%+ Data Storage Cost Savings

2x Improved CRM Performance

Boost Compliance & Governance

Choose your own external platform to store your archived data.

No manual hassles. Archive all the data automatically using the auto-scheduler.

Set custom data archiving policies according to your requirements.

View your archived data right from your Salesforce system.

Supports archived data encryption with highest standard of encryption technologies.

Takes care of synchronizing schema changes e.g addition/removal of fields & data types.

Archive huge heaps of data and restore the archived data with a single click.

Takes care of complex data relationships of any level without losing data & integrity.

Seamlessly handles the underlying complexities involved with files & attachments, both during archive and restore processes.

Data archiving can also be invoked using the Process Builder as well as through the Metadata API.

Field Audit Trail (FAT) and System Audit Trail (SAT) data can also be securely archived and kept forever.

Never run out of your data storage & save over 85% storage costs.

With freeing up of space in the Salesforce system, the performance factor of the CRM is enhanced.

Retain your data forever. Efficiently meet audit & compliance demands.

DataConnectiva ensures that its business practices are always aligned with the business processes and technical safeguards outlined by the EU’s GDPR legislation.

In comparison to other applications, DataConnectiva is deployed nearly 5 times faster, thus saving both time and money.

It is very easy to search and retrieve any particular archived data using DataConectiva. It also takes into account the parent-child relationship between different fields on all levels while performing this search.

Data analysis can be performed on all the data archived using DataConnectiva to get actionable insights.

DataConnectiva is also compatible with the Salesforce Lightning Experience and makes processes smooth & seamless.

Once successfully deployed, DataConnectiva as a data archiving solution requires zero to minimal maintenance.

It is extremely easy to install and deploy DataConnectiva. It saves time, money as well as manual labor on the enterprise’s part.