DataConnectiva vs custom build archiving solution

In the era of cutthroat competition, organizations are entirely data-driven which gives them an edge over their rivals. Data plays a crucial role in empowering them in making well-informed decisions based on actual facts, numbers, and trends instead of mere assumptions. But such data also requires the highest levels of management in order to be useful. The #1 CRM application in the world, Salesforce helps enterprises get the right data at the right time in order to make the best business decisions. 

But managing the data in the Salesforce system has its own challenges when exponential data growth is involved. Paying huge storage costs for the limited data storage space is probably the biggest of them all. Implementing best-in-class strategies to manage the massive volume of datasets can really help in reducing the impact on the storage. Here data archiving becomes essential in helping enterprises solve their common challenges because of too much Salesforce data including exceeding storage limits, slowing system performance, and compliance & audit directives.

There are several data archiving applications available in the market. These can either be in-house archiving applications or the third-party applications downloaded from the Salesforce AppExchange. But the important point that needs consideration is ‘what will be the ideal solution for your business?’ It becomes imperative to evaluate a custom-built solution against the already-designed solutions like DataConnectiva. The best way is to have a quick comparison.

DataConnectiva vs Custom Built Archiving Solution

  • Features– In order to properly archive the Salesforce data, an application should have all the required power-packed features.
    • Creating a custom solution, laden with all the features, is a tough task. The application should be secure and compliant as it will be dealing with various case-sensitive data. Without these quality features, the custom solution won’t be very helpful to save time and costs or even address multiple pain points. 
    • On the other hand, DataConnectiva being heavily-loaded with multiple features like auto-scheduling, data integrity, global search, one-click archived data restore, data encryption, and out-of-the-box analytics emerges as an ideal solution. Other important features include managing complex data relationships, bulk data archiving, and FAT & SAT archiving.
  • Costs– Cost is probably the most important factor when comparing any custom-built archiving solution with DataConnectiva. 
    • When an in-house application is being designed, various costs related to resources used, internal infrastructure, external hardware, development, and maintenance have to be incurred. Not only this cost varies and stays on the higher side but it also increases if the data volume is massive.  
    • On the other hand, AppExchange solutions like DataConnectiva have a fairly less cost associated with them. And since the archived data moves out of the Salesforce system, it clears up storage space and thus reduces the storage costs by nearly 85%. 
  • Time and Effort– It is a proven fact that implementing an archiving solution at an early stage can help enterprises control their data growth and mitigate the detrimental effects due to this high data volume.
    • A highly robust and scalable custom-made solution, that can seamlessly handle the huge volume of Salesforce data, usually takes several months or even years of effort to get ready, tested, and finally implemented. 
    • In comparison to it, the promptly available solution like DataConnectiva is both time saving and effort-efficient. Once configured, customized, and implemented in the Salesforce Org, this solution will start archiving your data from the very first minute. 
  • Salesforce Roadmap Alignment– It is extremely important for archiving solutions to be fully aligned with the current Salesforce platform as well as its rapidly evolving ecosystem. 
    • In the majority of the cases, custom-made archiving solutions have various limitations which prevents them from completely aligning with the Salesforce platform.  
    • On the other hand, DataConnectiva is completely aligned with the Salesforce platform and its future roadmaps. With a team of efficient Salesforce Platform experts, this highly scalable solution is fully equipped to meet critical business objectives.
  • Security and Accessibility– Data security is another major concern when it comes to dealing with sensitive data. 
    • Due to various limitations, most custom-built archiving solutions can’t guarantee the highest levels of data security and seamless accessibility. 
    • Whereas DataConnectiva is a highly secure and EU GDPR compliant data archiving application which also guarantees 100% data accessibility. As users can view the archived data right from the Salesforce UI, it becomes easy to access the data without any hassle. 

With the introduction of data archiving, managing the Salesforce data storage as well as keeping track of its growth has become easy and cost-effective. Enterprises need to have the right strategies and approaches in mind while choosing the most convenient data archiving solution for their Salesforce CRM. In order to make an appropriate decision while making this choice, few aspects like business aspects, technical aspects, and costs factors need to be considered. 

Using DataConnectiva, multiple cloud-based storage systems and relational databases can be integrated with the internal Salesforce system. Cloud-based options such as AWS, Heroku, Google, and Azure work well with DataConnectiva, as do relational databases like Redshift, Postgres, Oracle, and SQL Server. DataConnectiva not only helps organizations archive large datasets from the-get-go but also helps them save over 85% of their data storage costs. To know more, please get in touch with us.