Store your historical data inside the Salesforce ecosystem itself

DataArchiva is the Only Salesforce Native Data Archiving solution that is powered by Salesforce’s big data-based storage system called ‘Big Objects’. The application comes loaded with interesting features such as the Auto Scheduler, Custom Archiving Policy, Data Encryption, Integrity, One-click Restore, and many more. It also supports all levels of object relationship archiving.

With DataArchiva, efficiently manage Salesforce data growth, save 85%+ storage costs, mitigate the impact of data on the performance & retain 100% data accessibility for compliance & governance.

  • 100% Native Storage
  • Auto Schedule
  • Encryption At Rest
  • External Storage Support
    • Bulk Archive and Restore
    • Auto Metadata Sync
    • Integration
    • Complex Data Relationships
      • File/Attachment
      • Data Integrity
      • Data Migration Utility
      • FAT & SAT Archiving


        • 85%+ Data Storage Cost Savings
        • Enhanced CRM performance
        • Compliance Ready
        • US Gov Cloud Certified
        • GDPR Compliant
        • 5x Faster Deployment
        • Superior Data Management
        • Easy Search
        • Data Analytics
        • Lightning Compatibility


Case Study

World’s #1 Travel Technology Company Ensure Seamless Salesforce Data Management & Optimized Service Capabilities
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